"Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of Choice".- Ben Kinchlow

Mission Statement
To Mobilize, Equip, and Empower men that are full of faith and the Holy Ghost to impact their family, community and their nation.

The purpose is to teach the Word of God as it applies to men, by apply ing biblical truths that will teach men how to seek first the kingdom of God and apply spiritual truths to every aspect of their lives.

• Learning how to put God First in Your Life
• How to walk in Integrity before God & man
• Practical Holiness
• Sexual Purity
• Learning How to Forgive the Past
• Learning Obedience through what we Suffer
• Family

We instruct our men on the heart of God concerning the human family. We use biblical concepts to show our responsibility as men to love our wives as Christ loves the church, and to raise our children in an effective, godly manner. We will focus primarily on the examples set in Scripture and on proven modern day examples to give inspiration.
• Establishing Godly Priorities:
• God First
• Spouse/Children
• Ministry
• Secular Job
• Family Constitution
• The Ministry of Marriage
• Fathering
• Family Finances: Communication & Conflict
• Conflict Resolution
• Meet together once a month. Date, venue and time will be updated on the site.